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Real estate usually involves large financial transactions that, if not properly managed, may have severe and lasting consequences for all parties involved. Get legal representation you can count on with the Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Herzog, P.A. We handle a wide variety of real estate cases, including:

  • Land use
  • Easements
  • Zoning
  • Permit appeals
  • Tax-free exchanges
  • Foreclosures
  • Real estate tax protests
  • Breach of contract
  • Buyer-seller disputes
  • Landlord-tenant disputes

Whether it involves residential or commercial real estate, you can depend on our attorneys to always protect your best interests.

Residential Real Estate

Buying and selling a home is a big deal. A home is very personal and a serious financial commitment. With large amounts of money moving around and a plethora of legal documents to wade through, consulting an attorney in these matters is always a good idea. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Herzog, P.A. will guide you through all of the moving parts of a residential real estate transaction like buying or selling a home. We are here to represent your best interests in matters like:

  • Closings
  • Construction contracts
  • Leases
  • Mortgage-based financing transactions

We represent buyers, sellers, and financial institutions. Having clients on all sides of real estate transactions means that we are proficient at managing every aspect of your residential real estate transaction. Don’t fall victim to the common pitfalls of these kinds of situations. Even the easily and often made mistake of overlooking something like closing costs may have severe financial consequences and put you in a difficult position. Have our trusted attorneys by your side to help ensure things run smoothly.

Commercial Real Estate

If you are considering buying, selling, leasing, or investing in commercial real estate property, consult our commercial real estate attorneys to make sure the transaction is structured in the most beneficial way. We can assist with:

  • Purchase and sale of real property
  • Construction (new construction and renovation projects)
  • Financing
  • Approvals
  • Leases
  • Mortgage issues
  • Foreclosure and eminent domain matters
  • Landlord/tenant matters
  • Entitlements

Keep a sound investment from going south by conferring with our experienced attorneys.

Modification, Foreclosure, and Short Sale

Mortgage payments can oftentimes be a person’s largest monthly expense. If you are having difficulty making your mortgage payments, contact our office right away. The sooner you seek legal counsel on your options, the better your chances are of saving your home and getting out of a situation with serious financial consequences.

Our attorneys are committed to mitigating the damage that may be incurred when you have been unable to keep up with your mortgage payments. We will seek loan modifications on your behalf. There is always the possibility that you may be able to work with your mortgage lender to modify your loan so that your payment is reduced or debt may be forgiven. Loan modification can mean changes in the initial loan agreement to make payments more manageable. Most banks do not want your house. They would prefer working with you to ensure that they receive continued regular payments.

A short sale may be another option to avoid foreclosure. If a lender agrees to a short sale, they agree to accept a mortgage payoff amount that is less than what is actually owed. The remaining balance of the loan is forgiven. Short sales result in the sale of your house but are better for your credit than a foreclosure.

If all options have been exhausted and foreclosure is inevitable, count on our attorneys to explore every possible defense. A foreclosure action does not mean all hope is lost. Our attorneys are committed to doing everything they can to represent you in the foreclosure process.

Committed Legal Representation for All of Your Real Estate Needs

Real estate transactions may mean buying a new home, selling investment property, or entering into an exciting new business venture. These are all good things and they should stay that way. The real estate attorneys at The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Herzog, P.A. want to ensure your success in all real estate dealings and the issues that can arise. Contact our office today and get representation you can trust to see you through these major transactions.